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Etiquette for Dance Parents!

  • Be supportive of your child as a dancer: Laurie Ewart's Danceworks is not about comparing students to one another. Every dancer learns and grows at their own pace. Help them stay focused, provide the supplies and nutrition they need, and please do not discourage them! 

  • Respect our studio: We want our facility to be a place full of memories, yet it is still a place of business. Please do not leave trash behind or damage the property. Siblings are welcomed into our studio but please keep an eye on them! 

  • Arriving to class on time and staying consistent: It is so important to bring your child to class on time. When this isn't followed, not only does it affect your child's progression with dance but it disrupts the entire classroom and sets them behind. We understand that things come up, but we ask for your sincere dedication in this matter. 

  • Respect drop off and parking rules: At the front of our studio is a "kiss and ride" drive through. Please do not park in this area. Parking at Stamford Fireplaces across the street is also prohibited. Please feel free to park in our very large parking lot to the right of the studio!

  • Respect our studio viewing policies: In order for a productive and safe dance class, we request that parents/guardians do not watch in our rooms. This leads to distraction for our dancers and we want them to be able to dance at their fullest potential. For our younger student classes, we have wall to wall windows in our front studio for parents to watch! For the other classes, depending on the teacher, parents are welcomed into the classroom and can view what the dancers have learned in the hour during the last few minutes of class. 

  • Lastly, have fun and enjoy the experience! It is a remarkable privilege to provide your child with dance lessons! The benefits of dance are endless and their lives will be changed forever. Many life lessons, life skills, long lasting friendships and so much more comes from it! Have fun, become involved with our studio, follow us on our social medias and take the time to enjoy this experience as much as they do! Thank you for choosing Danceworks, welcome to the family!

Etiquette for Dance Parents: Classes
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