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Ballet Program

At our studio we are proud to have certified Cecchetti ballet instructors. Our ballet classes follow a strict Cecchetti syllabus. Classes are formed by grades:

  • Primary ballet and Grade 1 ballet take 1 hour of ballet per week.

  • Grade 2 ballet must take 2 hours of ballet per week. 

  • Grade 3+ must take 3 hours of ballet per week. 

Ballet exams will be offered each year if the ballet instructors feel the student is ready to pass the requirements. Fees for ballet exams will be separate and are dependent on what grade the student is taking. We are grateful to have our ballet examinations held at our own studio with guest Cecchetti examiners! As to date, all 100% of our students have passed their ballet exams! 

Pointe will be available when students are deemed ready. They will be invited to take the class by the instructor. 

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