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Competitive Programs

The next level.

Our Competitive Program is designed to provide students with more opportunities to expand their passion for dance. Our teachers are focused on delivering a more in-depth dance education that emphasizes the importance of a strong dance foundation. Students enrolled will be learning from multiple instructors dedicated to the competitive program. 

This program is divided between two levels depending on your commitment to the competitive team. Our Pre-Competitive level requires less than 6 hours a week whereas our Competitive level requires 6+ hours a week for a more dedicated and challenging experience. Available styles for enrolment are: Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Pointe, Lyrical, Contemporary, Open, Hip Hop, Acro, Technique and Conditioning. All competitive dancers are required to take ballet, conditioning, and technique.

Regardless of what level you are committed to, our studio is dedicated to provide our students with a dance family environment. Our instructors work together to promote hard work, perseverance and positive mind sets to build personal growth, self-confidence and work ethic within our students. With all of the time spent at the studio, competitions and other events by our dancers, we become a second family and home to our students. Contact us for more information. 

Competitive Program: Classes
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